6601 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683 USA
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Safety tips
Since your safety is one of our biggest concerns, please take time to familiarize yourself with the following tips :


1. Please don’t smoke in bed, careless smoking causes almost half of all hotel fires.
2. Please familiarize yourself with the location of fire exits, alarms and extinguishers. In the unlikely event of a fire, follow these basic procedures unless otherwise directed by authorities:
1. Take your key.
2. Test your door for heat or smoke before open the door.
3. Exit by the nearest stairwell, do not use elevator.
4. Keep calm and try not to panic.
5. When you are at a safe location, please notify the front desk or management.


1. If you are inside, take shelter under a desk, a table or stand against the wall, do not attempt to travel. Do not use the elevator.
2. If you are outside, please seek an open area, and do not return in the room until they have been inspected for safety.


1. Do not leave valuables in your room.
2. Close the door securely, use all of locking devices and ensure all connecting door and windows are locked.
3. Never open the door without first verifying who it is.
4. Safeguard your room key as you would your residence key.
5. If you see or hear any suspicious activities, please report your observation to the front desk as soon as possible.
6. Please watch your children all the time, especially in or near the swimming pool area.